About BioGem


BioGem ApS is a subsidiary company to Fremsyn Holding ApS which contains several activities related to green business developing and consulting in the sectors of energy, infrastructure and transportation. With an active role in the biomethane market since 2015, BioGem was originally providing services for major and independent biogas producers such as operational and production optimization and is highly valued by biogas plants in Denmark.

In 2019, the company developed into a reliable supplier with professionals and among other activities organizing procurement optimization – all in compliance with green certificate schemes for documentation of the highest biomethane qualities targeting not only Denmark, but expanding the target to include Sweden, Germany and Switzerland.

Our goal

The most important task for BioGem is to promote and expand the knowledge of biomethane. We believe in a fossil-free future, where industry and households have replaced all fossil energy sources from the underground with sustainable and green-produced alternatives.

Team & Company

BioGem has young, excellently trained and motivated employees. With an office located on the campus of the Technical University of Denmark, we are surrounded by bright minds and specialists with solutions for the future.

The BioGem Team 2020

Knud Boesgaard
Managing Director
Office: Lyngby, Denmark

Lutz Steinhöfel
Member of the Board
Office: Stuttgart, Germany

Marcel Hüberli
Head of Sales
Office: Zurich, Switzerland

Vincent Crausaz
Business Developing
Office: Lausanne, Switzerland

Martin Pilgaard
Communications Consulting
Office: Lyngby, Denmark

Karl Andreasen
Energy Consulting
Office: Lyngby, Denmark

Martin Koliba
Full Stack Developing
Office: Lyngby, Denmark