Coronavirus: BioGem ApS remains in operation
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Coronavirus: BioGem ApS remains in operation

Given the outbreak of the coronavirus, BioGem has taken precautions to ensure safety and prevent the infection from spreading unnecessarily. However, the company remains in operation during regular business hours. 

BioGem remains in operation during the virus outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2, also widely known as the coronavirus. To ensure the safety of our staff and our surroundings, and to help curb the COVID-19 disease, precautions have been taken.

As the World Health Organization announced the international health emergency on January 30, 2020, BioGem ApS – as a company with team members and operations in several European countries – has since discussed possible crisis strategies in cooperation with external experts and continued to reassess the situation in order to react on short notice for the benefit of our employees, customers, suppliers and service providers.

Measures secure BioGem regular business operations 

As in many other European companies, our employees work in offices from their homes, and personal contacts are reduced to an absolute minimum. This already took effect more than a week ago throughout the organisation.

Business critical processes are already digitised, including communication channels and data processing. Through these paths, BioGem remains in fully qualified contact with all partners, producers, service providers and costumers.

BioGem ApS explicitly emphasizes that these measures ensure the maintenance of operations and consultancy to our clients. You can reach us in our usual communication platforms. Please refer to the contact information provided on our contact page

BioGem fully comply the regulations and instructions of every national authority 

The BioGem team consists of employees living in three different countries. An internal body in BioGem continues to observe relevant statements and regulations from each of the national authorities and reports frequently to the company management as the situation develops.

All meetings with personal contact and travel activities are cancelled until further notice. We recommend all customers, partners, producers and service providers to use the digital communication channels and platforms, on which we are available during normal working hours and additionally by request.

Take care of yourselves and others 

We urge all of you to take care and take precautions needed during this crisis for the sake of those in need and vulnerable to the disease. For those of you affected by infection or illness yourselves or among your loved ones, we wish you a good and quick recovery.