Ølgod BioEnergi excels in REDcert approval

Ølgod BioEnergi excels in REDcert approval

REDcert is an EU-approved sustainability certification scheme for the proper use of biomasses, biofuels and liquid biofuels. The auditing of Ølgod BioEnergi resulted in a maximum score of 37 A-grades.

Ølgod BioEnergi handles biomasses and produces biogas in full compliance with the green prescriptions. This is concluded by Baltic Control Certification A/S after an audit in which a 360-degree inspection of the biogas plant took place at the end of January 2020.

The biogas plant excels on all parameters of the EU-approved sustainability scheme REDcert with a score of 37 A grades, corresponding to 740 points out of a total of 740 possible points.

Includes operation, training and proper use of biomass

The high score is achieved through clearly defined processes and action plans for the operation of the biogas plant. The employees at Ølgod BioEnergi have received training in everything from risk assessment and crisis management to daily operations, biomass management and mass balance system.

On request, all documentation was presented, the audit concludes. This includes, among other things, full openness about all contracts with partners and suppliers of biomasses from seven nearby farms.

BioGem has advised Ølgod BioEnergi through the process of the necessary structures and processes, so that the biogas plant ensures a continuous compliance with the regulations in REDcert.

REDcert ensures high and sustainable quality of biomethane

With the REDcert certificate, all users of biomethane are ensured that all processes are adhered to when efforts to replace natural gas from the underground with biomethane are to ensure a higher quality use of resources.

Thus, there is full openness about the origin of biomethane and documentation of this when potential buyers and suppliers demand sustainably produced biomethane.

At BioGem, we are experiencing an increasing demand for purchase of sustainable biomethane, and we are ready to answer your questions and inquiries about purchasing and delivery.